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Roy’s B-Day BBQ and Condo Warming Party

Last weekend we invited family and friends over for some party hardy, not really we are to old for that.  We had a nice BBQ/B-day/condo warming party on Saturday and some family over on Sunday. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. Plus preparing for a party really makes you put things in their place, we now have pictures on the wall and everything is put away!!

First was Roy’s birthday present, we needed a grill for the party and also thought this would be a great gift. So off to Lowes I went and ordered a new Weber grill (Spirit e-310), and picked it up a week later since they do free assembly.

Less work for us : )

The menu planning is always the fun part for me. I get obsessed with researching recipes and reading other food blogs. Of course I love entertaining as well and being able to share all of this wonderful food with others.

The Menu:

Iced Tea


Grilled Asparagus

Coleslaw with Oregano

Mixed New Potato Salad with Sweet Basil

Tunnel of Fudge Cake

Lemon Cheesecake Yogurt Cups

Coconut and Tropical Fruit Trifle


Hot Dogs (My Husband loves Hebrew Nationals)

I love these drink dispensers that I picked up at Pottery Barn (20% off during their summer sale), they are very well made and come in two different sizes. I will be using them a lot this summer.

I wanted the deserts to be nice and light, but I had to make something rich and chocolaty for Roy. The cheesecake cups were my favorite, they had a very mild lemon flavor that was perfect for the summer and a healthier version of the real thing.

The chocolate bunt cake was actually very light, but the middle was very rich and gooey. Guess that is why they call it the tunnel of fudge cake. Holly YUMM this was good.

This was a very colorful dish, and I enjoyed the tangy dressing. I am not a big coleslaw person, especially if it is cream based or made with mayo. So I found a recipe that used a vinaigrette base, and found that I like it much better this way. Plus this was very easy dish to prepare for a larger crowd.

I had to make potato salad since it is a classic summer dish and went well with the other food items. I choose a recipe that had herbs which made this dish very flavorful.

Roy must have worn himself out since he passsed out on the floor at the end of the night, I guess he is getting older so I will cut him some slack. It was a great night, we had good food, company, and conversation. Thanks everyone for making us feel like we are at home.

My parents came over the next day with my uncle and grandmother. Pretty much Saturday all over again, but much more low key. Quincy was so excited about the new place, he sniffed out every single room before he could relax.

Quincy loved looking out of the big windows.


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